Why You Should Move Your Stuff Instead Of Starting Over

When people move, it's increasingly common for them to sell, give away, or throw away most of their stuff before moving and buying new stuff for their new home. Here's why that's actually a bad idea.

Wasting Time

Moving often takes a lot more time than you realize. In addition to the actual move, you also have to go around finding a new place to live. That might be touring apartment complexes or working with a realtor to find a new house. If you're buying, you'll also spend time on things like applying for a mortgage and having inspections done.

When it comes to dealing with your stuff, it can also take a lot of time to get rid of it. You might need to schedule meetings with several people who are taking things off of your hands. If you're throwing it away, you might only be able to put out so much at once. The fastest way to deal with your things is to load them all up in a truck to take them to a dump, but if you're going to do that, you might as well send the truck to your new home.

Wasting Money

There's no doubt that moving can be expensive. You have to hire a crew of people to load things up, and big, heavy trucks aren't cheap to drive around. The farther you go, the more expensive the move is.

However, most people underestimate how much it will cost to replace everything. They might look at a few big-ticket items like furniture and compare that to the cost of hiring movers. They often forget about all the little but expensive things like clothes, kitchen appliances, or electronics that also have to be moved or replaced. In many cases, the full cost of replacing everything can be much more than the cost of moving it.

Hurting the Environment

Furniture is no longer made to last. Fewer people want old furniture with many people preferring to buy new furniture that you can quickly assemble yourself. Many people struggle to even give away large pieces of furniture.

Sending that unwanted furniture to the dump is very bad for the environment. In addition to filling up landfills, you're also cutting down more trees or using nonrenewable resources when you buy new furniture. It's much better for the environment to move and reuse the furniture that you already have.

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