Questions to Ask When Movers Come Out to Give You an Estimate

When you have a moving company come out to give you an estimate, the primary focus will usually be on the cost. How much does this moving company want to charge you in comparison to other moving companies? Indeed, the cost is important to consider when you're hiring movers. However, when you get an estimate, you also have the opportunity to ask the moving company some other questions in order to get a better idea of whether they're a good fit for your needs. Here are some questions to ask.

What is their availability?

When movers come out to give you an estimate, make sure you are clear about when you'll need to move. This may affect the price. For instance, the moving company may assume you want to move during the next few weeks, and they'll base their quote on that. But if you really don't need to move for 6 months, which means your move will be during the slow season, the movers may be able to charge you less. Also, you don't want to select one moving company based on their quote, only to then realize they can't get to you during the necessary time frame.

What items can't they move?

Most moving companies have items they won't move. Ask what these items are so that you can make plans to move these excluded items if needed. If a particular moving company won't move an item you really need to be moved, then they may not be the best company for you to hire.

How much insurance is included?

If one quote comes back much lower than the others, it could be because that company does not include a very large insurance policy with their typical contract. This is not a big deal; you can buy additional insurance either through the moving company or through your homeowners' insurance company. However, you need to know well in advance of your move that this is necessary so you can buy the right policy and plan to cover the cost of said policy.

If you have any other questions that come to mind while the movers are in your home constructing an estimate, just ask. The appointment is more than an opportunity to get an idea of the cost of the project. It's also your chance to feel out whether this company is a good fit for you. To learn more, contact movers near you.