5 Storage Accessories You Can Use In A New Home After Moving

Moving complications sometimes result in a period of time where your items have to stay at a moving storage unit until they can be brought into a new home. You'll probably have to buy extra items and accessories to prepare your things for their time in the storage unit. Instead of just getting rid of the accessories when you're done with the rental unit, you can find a number of ways to reuse them in the home. The following five types of accessories are great for storage units, but they can also be invaluable tools for a new home.

Rolling Racks

A rolling rack is great for hanging items in a storage unit. It can help you save space and prevent you from boxing up items that you quickly want to access. Once you are settled into a new home, the same rack can be used for a variety of reasons. When it is placed in the garage, the rack is great for winter accessories. Hang up coats, scarves, and long johns at the top of the rack while holding boots on the bottom.

A rolling rack can also be used in a laundry room. You can use it for hanging and drying a variety of clothes items or larger laundry fabrics like blankets and towels. The rolling feature on the rack makes it easy to pull right up to the washer. This reduces strain on your back and cuts down on any heavy lifting you'll have to do.

Plastic Storage Bins

Once all of the storage bins are unpacked, keep them in handy for storing holiday items. Using tape and markers, it's very easy to label the bins for various holidays. By giving each holiday it's own bin, it's easy to collect and store home decorations, wrapping paper, window clings, and other accessories. The colors of the bins can help you stay organized as well. For example, you can use a red bin for Christmas and an orange bin for Halloween. Keep the colors in mind before purchasing the bins for storage to make them easier to reuse later.

Bubble Wrap & Packing Paper

Get extra use out of bubble wrap and packing paper as you decorate and turn your new home into something that is all yours. When you're painting, removing wallpaper, or other home projects, the bubble wrap and packing paper acts as a great protector. It can be placed over carpets and furniture to protect them from wet paint or other supplies. When moving new furniture pieces into the home, it's a good idea to tape bubble wrap over door edges and wall corners. This can help protect dings and cuts that are caused by bumping furniture into the wall.

Packing Tools

Even if you don't plan on moving anytime soon, a few of the packing tools should be kept for other uses.

  • Packing Tape Dispenser Tool: Make Christmas wrapping a breeze by using the packing tape dispenser tool. The tape glides along and easy rips off while preparing presents. The tool can also be saved and used for any packages you plan on delivering.
  • Packing Peanuts: The annoying little packing supply is great for protecting items as you move, but they can also be used in a number of crafts and decorations. Whether it's children's projects, holiday decorations, or another inspired craft, it's always good to have some extra packing peanuts around the house. If you need extra peanuts, storage and moving companies also offer packages of them at affordable prices.

Portable Lights

When you're accessing a storage unit, you may purchase a variety of portable lights to see objects, organize your move, and access the storage unit at night. Once the move is complete, transition the useful technology into your new home. Add lights to closets, attics, and other dark areas where you could use a little extra brightness.

Another great use for extra lights is to include them in a power outage kit. Having quick access to the lights will prepare you for a power outage. The kit can also include other items like water and candles.

When working with a moving company, it's important to indicate the items that you intend to keep. Supplies like packing peanuts or boxes may be recycled if you do not state that you want to keep them before the movers start transferring your items from the storage unit to your home.