Are You Moving Far From Your Present Home?

Are you moving because of a job transfer? Perhaps you have simply decided to move to your favorite city or to your home town. No matter the reason for your long-distance move, it might be that you already have a plan of action. However, if you are looking for ideas that might make your move a smooth one, read on.

You've probably already thought of de-junking all of your drawers, closets, and cabinets before the packers arrive. However, maybe you haven't considered organizing the things you're keeping so that they'll be ready for your new residence.

  • As you're going through the clothes closets, think of putting shoes and purses in plastic containers that will make your new closet look organized.
  • As you're going through your family room cabinets, consider putting things like games, puzzles, and your collection of movies into containers that will be ready for placement in your new home.
  • Think of buying lazy-Susan shelves for things like spices and other items that will go into your new kitchen cabinets.
  • Things like extra linens and blankets could be placed in see-through plastic containers that can easily be slid right under beds when you are unpacking.

When your household belongings are totally organized, you'll be more ready for the day the long-distance movers arrive. Think of things you don't want packed and put them aside or in the car or cars that you'll be driving to your new destination. Give each family member a suitcase or another container for personal belongings they want to keep with them.

  1. For instance, will you be stopping at places that have a swimming pool? If so, don't forget to keep swimsuits with you.
  2. Will you be staying with family members or friends along the way? If so, maybe you will want to remember to take thank you gifts with you.
  3. Remind your children to keep things like their favorite stuffed animals or blankets with them so you won't face unwanted breakdowns later on.
  4. And, of course, don't forget to keep medications and even a first-aid kit with you.

Ahead of time, let your mover know if you have things that will need extra attention. For instance, perhaps you have something like an antique grandfather clock or a huge decorative mirror that needs to be packed. The packers will have the experience and the materials to pack those things in a way that they won't be damaged along the way.

To learn more, contact long-distance movers.