Tips For Preventing Moving Injuries

Moving and its associated activities can be a pretty dangerous project, especially for the inexperienced. You can suffer serious injuries and even interrupt your moving day. Below are some of the tips you can use to avoid such injuries.

Wear the Right Things

What you wear affects your risk of moving injuries. For example, you might slip and flail if you wear the wrong shoes, and flowy clothes might get caught up on moving equipment and cause you to trip and fall. Therefore, wear the right shoes, clothes, and gloves (the latter to prevent hand injuries). You even need to wear masks and goggles if you will be handling dusty things, such as items that have been in storage for years.

Know Your Limits

Lifting heavy things can be dangerous, especially if you lift things that are too heavy for you. You might stumble and fall. You might drop the heavy boxes on your leg or toes. You can even suffer back injuries. Therefore, get medium boxes for your heavy items so that you don't end up with extremely heavy boxes that you can't lift safely. Don't even try to lift heavy things if you have a medical condition, such as a chronic knee problem.

Learn How to Lift

Even boxes with reasonable weights can cause injuries if you don't know how to lift them. For example, it's critical to squat when picking items off the flow; don't bend because you might throw out your back. It's not just your back that you need to worry about; even your knees might suffer if you put too much strain on them.

Take Breaks

Moving is hectic work, and the more stuff you need to move around and pack, the more tired you will be before the day is over. One way of preventing exhaustion is to take frequent brakes and hydrate with frequent water intakes. This is especially true if you are moving during the summer, and some of the work is outside the house (for example, dismantling and packing garden equipment).

Use Relevant Equipment

Inevitably, you will have to handle some heavy equipment during your move. Dismantling items to reduce their sizes and weight can help, but not everything can be dismantled to lighten loads. The best way to deal with them is to use tools and equipment that make work easy. For example, use moving dollies, carts, and braces to move things around instead of carrying them.

Hopefully, you won't suffer any injuries during your move. Ultimately, however, hiring a professional moving company is the best way to avoid injuries. Contact a company like Kaster Moving Co Inc today to learn more.