Keep Your Long-Term Self Storage Unit Clean And Organized With These Tips And Tricks

With more than 48,000 self storage units available in the United States, it shouldn't be hard to find one that fits your specific needs and preferences. But keeping your chosen storage unit clean and organized can be challenging, especially if you periodically rummage through your belongings to find things that you need. Here is how you can keep your long-term self storage unit from a site like clean and organized:

Color Code Your Boxes

A great way to ensure that you can find everything inside their respective boxes once it's been put away in your storage unit is to color code the containers. Each box should be sorted by type of item, and then labeled with the help of colored tape and permanent markers. Choose bright colors that are easy to write on with the markers so that each box can be quickly identified at a glance.

Place a different colored piece of tape along the top of each box depending on what's being stored inside of it. For example, you can use yellow tape for kitchen items and blue tape for bathroom belongings. A couple notes about specific things contained inside each box can be jotted down on its respective tape label. This will allow you to conveniently find stuff you need without having to move boxes around and search through them.

Make Room for Hanging

Instead of taking up valuable floor space with large items like bicycles and toolboxes, suspend them from the ceiling if hooks are installed. Otherwise you can install hooks on the backs of furniture, such as filled dresser, to hang large items so that their bottom ends sit on the ground for extra support. You may also be able to hang metal hooks along the hardware on the back of the storage door if available. Don't be afraid to ask the storage facility about hanging solutions that might be available to you.

Create Shelving on One Wall

It's a good idea to implement shelving against one wall to keep boxes from piling on top of one another. Standard bookshelves will allow you to store small boxes so that they're easy to pull out when they are needed instead of having to move boxes to reach the bottom of a pile. Larger workshop shelving options will hold heavy items like lawn care equipment, and wire shelving will allow you to hang baskets under each shelf to hold small nick-knacks.

Maintain Some Sorting Space

If you expect to have the need for some of the things in your storage unit on a regular basis as time goes on, it's important to maintain some sorting space within the unit so you have room to move things around, sort through boxes, and put stuff aside that you plan to take with you. A space free of clutter will make your task time at the storage unit more enjoyable so you're less likely to cut corners when trying to stay organized while going through your stuff.

Use Portable Closets for Clothing

Instead of storing clothing in boxes or tubs where they are susceptible to moisture buildup, set up portable closets in a corner to hang the important stuff. This will give you easy access to your clothes when you need them, keep everything wrinkle-free, and ensure that mold and mildew does not become a big problem. Many portable closet systems fold up when they aren't in use, and come with covers that have zippers to keep dust from accumulating on your favorite materials.

With the help of these tips and tricks, your self storage unit will function as an extension of your home, making it easy to keep track of all your beloved belongings and ensuring that you can enjoy everything that you just don't have room for in your personal space.